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The Groundsmans Twitch

by groundsman620467822

The Groundsmans Twitch

I think I’ve got the groundsmans twitch,

I cannot fathom why,

It sort of goes, from my nose, to the corner of my eye.

I can’t explain how it came about,

It just appeared one day,

I can recall, above it all, twas when my team came out to play,

Just over there, on my square, I thought a little seed,

But to my despair, its wasn’t fair, id missed a blooming weed,

A weed was there upon my grass,

Just standing very tall,

How was this so, I didn’t know,

I thought I’d got them all,

My eye then started twitching,

I began to feel so cold,

How could this blooming little weed,

Stand there oh so bold,

I ran into my workshop,

And came out very fast,

This little weed had seen some days,

But this day was its last,

I picked up my new trowel,

Wild thoughts ran through my head,

I dug that darling weed right out,

And now it’s blooming dead!

My groundsmans twitch then went away,

My turf now lush and green,

My eyes are still and silent,

Not a weed that can be seen,

The moral of my story,

If you get the groundsmans twitch

Just grab your little trowel

And dig up the little……..weed.

Kevin Springall

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chrisjohnson12017 May 2, 2020 - 8:56 am

How wonderful, first class, brightens the day.

groundsman620467822 May 2, 2020 - 9:02 am

Well done Kevin


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