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12 Month Maintenance Task Tool for a Cricket Square

by TurfCareBlog

The 12-month maintenance task tool for a cricket square is a free resource, which you can use to log your tasks in general as well as having a pitch preparation hour tally tool, a renovations hours calculator and also a raw material calculator and much more. The aim of this free resource is for clubs to fill in and adjust the formula sheet themselves to suit their available resources and sites.

Free Task Tool

The task tool, if completed on a regular basis could be used to build awareness of the annual inputs required to run a grounds department. There is also a handy machinery log, for you to adjust to your own site and a more basic printable version for those less reliant on technology.

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A big thanks to those who have helped produce the 12 month maintenance task tool for a cricket square, please do use it and feed back to us on its usability and let us know how the hours stack up and what resources it takes to run your ground.

I will be also checking in the community via this group, to see how people are getting on with the free resources – https://www.facebook.com/groups/717957209036259 and for those interested .

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