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4 Top Tips for Watering of Sports Pitches

by TurfCareBlog

Top Tips for Watering of Sports Pitches is a short and l hope helpful blog with four top tips transferable to most sport pitches.



Morning or Evening watering is good practice as this will cut down on the evaporation created by
sunny periods in the daytime. Evenings are probably the most fruitful, as the water has overnight to
soak in, whereas mornings, soon warm up and the evaporation starts via the sun

If mornings are all you can do you could water and use a sheet, dome, or even a germination sheet
to cut out evaporation. Shading can also be used between.

hand watering areas

2-Prioritiy Areas

If time is limited just water the last used pitches, that have been overseeded and the next pitch due
for cutting out. If watering a winter sports pitch, you can prioritise newly sown areas.

The first two weeks after seeding are vital and the next six weeks the new seed will be weaker than
the existing established grasses.

hand watering

3-Deeper Watering

In the ideal world, which is not always the world we live in 1-2 deep waters a week is better than
little and often watering routines. A deep water will create water down deep, which the roots will
then go deeper down to find and as a result you will end up with a deeper and more drought
resistant grass plant.
A very generic guide is the plant need needs 25 mm of rain/irrigation per week, but l am sure for
many this is not possible.


4- Use of Soaker/Sprinkler Hoses

These hoses are perforated and are designed to water gently over a period, allow the moisture to
soak in deep into the soil profile. They can be laid over the top of a germination sheet, which will
help cut down on some evaporation. These are used widespread by cricket grounds persons, on watering of
squares and can be cut to length.

Do avoid ponding of water or water is more likely to run off, rather than soak in. This for one will be
less effective, two it’s a waste of a vital resource i.e. water. Travelling sprinklers are also very effective, they take time but apply water more gradually allowing for better infiltration.

Why Watering Turf is so vital

  • Prevents the death of grass plants
  • Dry sandy areas can become unstable if they grass plant is in a condition of drought.
  • Prevention of areas cracking
  • Prevention and management of dry patch and fairy rings.
  • Aid grass and seed recovery after play
  • Prevents the area becoming hydrophobic, meaning what water is available will be unable to get past the soil surface.

Can you think of any other to helpful tips, others reading this? Please leave your comments in the reply box

Brian on behalf of the TurfCareBlog community.

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For more information on watering from the GMA, check out this blog – https://resources.thegma.org.uk/rugby-union/water

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