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Ask the grassroots groundsman

by TurfCareBlog

Tell us a bit about you Phil!
I am a freelance /volunteer groundsman and happy to help type of chappie.l have been established around 5 seasons.

Who do you work for?
Brushes Northwest LTD, suppliers of the finest grounds care brushes known to grace.
I also volunteer at Abbey Football Club (nwcfl).

Hobbies and interests?

I do like old antique machines which lends itself well to many sports sheds ‘old is gold, is my motto’.
If the mower at the back of the shed can be brought back to life, then all well and good.

What have you learnt as a top tip to pass on?

Soil based pitches are best kept off and left alone for another day, when weather is consistently wet, know your pitch and its soil structure.
• Tips-Think 6 weeks ahead -prevention is better than cure
• Aerate early in season.
• Use the correct fertiliser to suit, based on nutrient analysis.
• Know your soil structure.
• Keep it simple.


Favourite piece of kit?

Got to be the dragmat,obvuiosly,it’s a great tool for lifting up the grass and getting some air around the plant.
Its also good for presentation and removing dew and the list could go on!

Everybody should have one!

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Happy, Honest and diplomatic.

What needs highlighting in the industry?

NOT to forget about the non-league/grass roots clubs, I think hand my downs from big clubs could go a long way. Most clubs can only dream of owning such machines.

What motives and de- motives you?

Keep pushing for greatness and more importantly, smile.
DE motives-
Only the weather but at the end of the day, nothing can be done about that.
Always another day!


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