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Beardy Steve’s Top 5 tips for Buying Plants Right Now

by TurfCareBlog

Different plants for different needs.

APRIL 13, 2020

…Hey y’all,

We watched George of the Jungle last night. Underrated film that one. Brendan Fraser was a good egg right? Disney+ is proving to be an absolute winner at the moment.

Sorry about that.

Right, let’s talk about plants. You’ll be looking online now and thinking ‘that looks pretty’ or ‘that’s too big’ or ‘wow that’s expensive’ or ‘that’d be perfect to fill that odd space that we’ve had in the garden for years ever since we had that tree removed’.

Whatever your motivations are, be sure to just check the descriptions and do a bit of research. Just pop the name of the plant into Google and away you go.

Here are good ol’ Beardy Steve’s top 5 tips for buying plants right now:

  1. Shop around – don’t just buy something because you think that’s all you can get. There are still plenty of local independent nurseries/suppliers that are still open and delivering. Check Facebook, Instagram and websites.
  2. Lead in times for plant purchasing are really varied at the moment. So, plan ahead. For example, if the delivery is going to be here in 21 days, then pop it on a calendar and make sure you get everything you need. Last thing you want is to try and plant out your new flowers and realise you forgot to get some more compost!
  3. If you are buying a plant to fill a large space, then you may want to consider either a self-seeding or rhizome (a funny looking thing that’s like a bulb) plant. These will naturally fill the space over time.
  4. If you are buying a plant for just a splash of colour, then you may want to consider an annual plant.
  5. If you are buying a plant that you want to keep for a long time, then you may want to consider buying a perennial plant.
magnolia plant
Beautiful Magnolia

*Bonus point (ooooooo)

once it arrives and you find out somethings wrong (e.g. the soil conditions in your garden are wrong), don’t get rid of it. Put it in a pot with some compost. The pot can be anything you want – just make sure it has some holes in the bottom for drainage. You can always plant it at a later date.

Annual, biennial, perennial. There are loads of sub-categories (e.g. bedding perennial), but just make sure you read the product description or ask someone if you’re on the phone. Just pick some bootiful colours and away you go.

Have a campachoochoo on me and stay safe.

Beardy Steve xoxo

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