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Bowling Green Greenkeepers Guide to Fertilising

by TurfCareBlog

Hi all and welcome to my second blog Greenkeepers Guide to Fertilising and being honest l have not been able to do much on the greens this month, due to the horrendous weather so this may come across in this short blog.

bowls green
Heavy dew

This month l thought l would share my feeding techniques below, hope it is of some help.

If you have your own feeding techniques and want to share, please feel free to do so in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Over the years I have used many different techniques to ensure that I apply the correct amount of chemicals and fertilisers and that they are distributed evenly across the green.The below techniques are my most favoured so and l thought l would share these with you.

Liquid spraying application technique tip

The best technique I use to make sure that my spray is distributed evenly is by using golf balls as guides/markers.

  • If you take a measurement from the inside of your left and right nozzle this will give you the perfect measurement for your golf ball placement.
  • Cut the stick to size and then place a golf ball at the very corner of your green.
  • Use the stick as guide to evenly distribute your golf balls along the edge of the green either side of the way you are spraying.
  • I always spray to my right (maybe because I am right-handed) so starting with you right side nozzle follow your first golf ball.
  • Once the first run is complete, using your right nozzle again follow the golf ball immediately next to the one you have just followed.
  • As you go kick away any golf balls you have used so you know where you are at.

This technique is a life saver for me, as it gives me confidence that l will manage to cover the whole surface of my green evenly.

marking system
Golf ball system

Granular fertiliser application technique tip

I always use a Scott’s spreader, but others spreaders can are available.

First thing to do is to work out how far the spreader is distributing the granular.

  • On a Scott’s spreader you can change this, but it is normally set at 1.5 metres either side.
  • With this I will religiously start 1.5 metres out from the edge of me green, complete the first run and then do three strides to my left or right depending on which way my end point is and then resume my spreading. With this l know that I am getting an even spread.
  • Another crucial point is to reduce your flow rate so you can complete a minimum of two passes of the entire green, so basically going up and down and side to side.
  • This is the best way to apply granular as you will not get any missed patches.
removing the dew off the turf
Removing surface dew

Tasks on the green

  • Get the mower cylinders re ground prior to needing it during a busier march.
  • Checked the green regularly for signs of disease and pest damage.
  • Cutting when we can, avoiding frosts and waterlogged greens.
  • Consider having your soil tested in terms its nutrient analysis in terms of the phosphorus and potassium levels,if you can get this independently done more the better.
  • Aeration.
  • Dew off the square regularly to prevent disease from forming, out of the dew.
  • Make sure we are all prepared for the season ahead in terms of stock and equipement purchases.

I hope you have a productive month ahead and l thank you for taking the time out to read my blog and any questions or comments you have, feel free to leave them below.

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