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Chafers – Best Timing for Acelepryn

by TurfCareBlog

Chafer flight patterns are following last years pretty much exactly the same.

Chafer Flight 2020 - when to apply acelepryn

I’ve been sent a lot of photos and videos the last week of Chafers that are flying. All the photos are of Summer Chafers but we are you are reporting sightings on PestTracker of all the Chafer

The question I’m now being asked is when should I apply Acelepryn?

The PestTracker sightings show that we are seeing a very similar hatch pattern to last year – I suspect that this isn’t over yet – I think the dry spring we saw this season has slowed things for a while and I think as we go into this next hot spell and we’ll see continued hatching.

I could well be wrong and logging sightings on PestTracker really helps us understand these patterns.

To get the best out of Acelepryn we want to ensure the main hatch is over – so I’d be tempted to delay application for a couple of weeks just to be sure.

To get the best out of Acelepryn we want to ensure the product is washed off the leaf and the product is in an area the juvenile Chafers will be feeding. Applying in light and consistent rain is best practice.

In the south (where most of the sightings have been logged we have rainfall forecast for this weekend) 26th, 27th and 28th June. This feels a couple of weeks earlier than optimum but it could be the best spray window.

So if you are wondering when to apply – Ask yourself

  • Have I seen them on my site?
  • Is this the best spray window I’ll get in the next 5 – 6 weeks?

If the answer to both those questions is yes then I’d go for it.

If the answer to either or both is no then I’d be patient and wait a little.


For more about acelepryn, chafers and the Syngenta PestTracker click here.

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