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Concerns of an Industry-Turf Topics Podcast

by TurfCareBlog

Concerns of an Industry-Turf Topics Podcast is 8 turf professionals talking about the challenges of recruitment and mental health in there working environment. This is a recording from the Tweet Spaces we recorded.

Our Speakers

Our turf professionals speakers come from a range of sports and establishments , including golf, cricket, football and grounds maintenance and it all made for a really informative hour.

The Podcast- Spotify




The Next Podcast

Check out our next Turf Topics, which will be on the 30th of March called- The future of our industry – apprentices. We want to address real industry hot topics, so if you have any thought or ideas please do leave a comment in the comments box below.

Podcast Summary of Interest

  • The panel of speakers spoke on the challenges in the recruitment of apprentices
  • Speakers believed the use of department social media accounts, where a great way to communicate and showcase there work in a positive way.
  • Changing role titles from groundsperson to sport turf operative, helped applicants understand what the role involved better.
  • The panel thought a high level of self imposed pressure, along with many industry challenges where all contributing trigger in terms of poor mental health.
  • The speakers thought there was not quite enough support in place in regards to mental health and well being at the moment within the industry.
  • Speakers through there own experience the turning point to improving mental health, was talking and seeking support.

Additional reading on concerns re mental health in our industry- https://turfcareblog.com/?s=mental+health

Resources Mentioned in The Podcast

Perennial – https://perennial.org.uk/

Mental Health First Aid Provider – https://www.lantra.co.uk/

Just want to say a massive thanks to all those whose speakers who gave up there time out of there evening to speak, with such passion and openness and to you all for listening.

Brian on behalf of the TurfCareBlog Community

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