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How to Renovate a Cricket Square -Renovations Planner

by TurfCareBlog

How to Renovate a Cricket Square -Renovations Planner is a guide to each step of renovation works, with a short step by step description for each stage and some guidance of labour requirements.

Renovations Planner

Day Before renovations
Cut Down square 4-6mm, as low as levels will allow.Staff (min) 1-2
2-Verti Cut to thin out the grass canopy, if required1-2
3-Water the square to soften profile, to assist scarifier1-2

Day One 1-Scarify 1 to 3 direction , to remove surface canopy around 3-5mm in depth. More as required2/3 
2-Brush/rotary collection between scarifying directions, as required. 1 
3-Scarify to finish depth of thatch in 1 or 2 directions, 1 mm below deepest thatch layer.2/3 
4–Clean up-Brush/blow off/collect up scarifying debris 2 
5-Using a cyclone spreader, Seed (quarter/half rate) and possible brush in. Full rate if not spiking or sarel rolling. I would recommend doing though if you can as more holes for the seed the better. 1 
 Go to Day two, If you need to re water to allow for spiking or sarel rolling thought none priority and often the ground is too hard for clubs achieve given low water pressure. 
Day One/Two 6-  Sarel Spike (1/2 directions possible optional) or and spike the square (1/2 directions) to no deeper than an inch (if no surface lifting). Applying seed between each direction and brush in.   Total seed rates 50-70 grams a square metre.2/3 
7-Top dress ends, with loam and a bit of seed and firm (optional) 2 
8-Top dress the rest of the square 6-8 bag, enough to restore levels. 2/4 
9-Level– Dragmat/brush/loot/straight edge the topdressing to create an even coverage of loam. Add more loam as required too low areas, but don’t bury any existing grass.2/4 
10-Go back to the ends and double check levels, if required use a straight edge or loot to level.Final task is to apply a Pre Seed Fertiliser if using. 1 
11-Mark corners of the square and if possible, erect some type of fencing. 1/2 
Two-week post renovations   12-The first two weeks are key to seed success so keep moist, avoid over watering that may cause wash off. First cut 3/4 weeks after renovations.1 
   Basic Guidelines for Clubs on limited resources
scarifying machine

Equipment and Resources for Renovations


Scarifier (owned) such as a sisis for example

Top dressing machine (owned)

In house seeding machine (owned)

Frame 3 m in length

Wheel barrow and loots/feather edges

Mower with brush cassette unit.

Mower to cut down to 3/5 mm

Blowers/rotary to debris collection

High power/pressure hoses etc.

Spiker to spike to around a half/inch (in house)

Usually done over 3- 4 days (2-4 persons)


Hired scarifier (hired/shared)

Self-propelled top dresser or wheel barrow and shovels.

Small loot for levelling/working in top dressing.

Sarrel roller for seed holes.

Drag matt/brush or and my favourite an old ladder to pull loam off the highs and into the low areas, if level issues.

Mower to cut down as low as possible without scalping 4-6mm

Rotary of cassette mower to collect up debris after scarifying.

Fencing materials, chicken wire and road pins.

Hoses and watering lance/rose.

Want to know how many bags of loam is required or what is the best seed, if so check out this handy blog – https://turfcareblog.com/how-to-be-renovations-ready/

How do you do yours, any tip to pass on please leave in the comments box below!

End of season renovation planner brought to you by TurfCareBlog.com

Once renovations are complete and your wondering what to do on the square this coming winter why not check out this eBook below.


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