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Greenkeepers Video-Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club

by TurfCareBlog

A Greenkeepers video from James Bledge who is Course and Estates Manager at Royal Cinque Ports, about his team’s fantastic work during the winter of 2021/2021

The thirteen-minute video includes fantastic images of tee levelling work with Mark Silk from Working Turf using a Blec Harley Power Rake, moving soil levels from high to low to create a perfectly flat tee top.

Path fraise mowing using an Imants Koro from Campey Turfcare, walkways since have been sewn with dwarf rye grass. The main project this winter was the building of 3 large sand scrapes on holes 11,14 and 18, transforming undesirable rough areas to stunning open sand areas, adding a new dimension to the beauty of the Golf Course. Shaping work undertaken by Rafal Oczkowski from First Golf, this was all carried out during one of the wettest winters in recent memory which was a huge challenge.

There are also some great images of rough burning. This is an initiative carried out with permission from Natural England to improve the quality of the long rough and sustain the dunelands.

After irrigation was installed this year on the front lawns, the area was overseeded to improve the first impression of the Golf Club.

The final large project in this video was the 16th tee project. The sand track road was moved further to the left out of sight and replaced with a grass path. The area between the 15th green and 16th tee was developed in to a flow area and the entire project was irrigated. The area to the right of the yellow tee has been widened to allow Greenstaff machinery through.

The video was created to keep members updated with the development of the course. Many members haven’t had the chance to see the Golf Course due to restrictions so video communications have always been the ideal way of keeping members up to date. Many Greenkeepers may also enjoy watching.

I hope you enjoyed our first Greenkeepers video from the team at Royal Cinque Ports Golf club.

James and Team

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