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Groundsman/Greenkeepers Weather Forecast

by TurfCareBlog

Please see our latest blog for the coming week to give Groundsman/Greenkeepers Weather Forecast.In this blog you will discover a welcome change, with many now hoping for some rain.

I have also given some tips for preparing your ground below.

It’s the first day of June and the first day of meteorological summer 2020 – though we’ve been having summer-like weather for weeks now and today will be no exception – most places will be dry, sunny and very warm yet again.

Big changes are ahead later in the week as winds turn into the north and bring a risk of showers and a big drop in temperature.


Monday is off to a dry start across the whole country and there’s loads of sunshine too. The rest of the day will keep the weather pretty much like this with unbroken sunshine on most places. There could be a little low cloud or mist down the east coast but elsewhere we’ll keep it dry all day.

Temperatures will range from 18C (64F) on the east coast to 27C (81F) across parts of north Wales and north-west England.

Tonight the weather will stay mostly dry with clear spells and variable cloud. Northern Scotland will turn wet by the end of the night. Temperatures will be quite warm in the south.


England and Wales will be dry, sunny and very warm. Temperatures could be quite hot in the south-east. Further north a band of rain will move southwards from Scotland to Northern Ireland during the afternoon.

Much cooler with showers


Wednesday will see showery rain spreading southwards across the rest of the country and there could be some quite heavy showers at times in the north and west. For southern and south-eastern regions the rain is likely to be quite hit and miss. Temperatures will be cooling down across the country

Thursday and Friday

Is looking cool, windy and showery. Many of the showers will be in the north where there could even be gale force gusts. The showers may turn wintry over Scottish mountains and there might even be ground frost in sheltered riral areas. For southern counties showers may prove quite illusive with many places staying dry.

The weekend could see a ridge of high pressure building back from the west turning the weather drier and rather warmer perhaps?


To see more weather details go to –https://www.gavsweathervids.com/daily-uk-weather-forecast-summary.php

For a more detailed forecast to suit your postcode check out our weather page, which includes a 14 day summary- https://turfcareblog.com/weather/

Top Turf Tips

1.Get any sheets and cover ready, secure them down well as winds of around 20 mph or more for some come the weekend.

2.If your grass isn’t too stressed and your considering putting on a fertiliser, ensure it gets watered in well, if by rain then your need to irrigate.

3. If your pulling out sheets, do not leave them on stressed grass as this could stress the grass further.

Even a hour on a stressed outfield can do a lot of damage to the plant.Wait till it is cooler and consider watering under the sheets, if the sheet covers more than just the pitch itself.

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