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How to Video Guide Archives

by TurfCareBlog

How to video guide archives are a collection of how to guides , which l think are essential must view videos for groundsman/greenkeepers..

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Winter Maintenance Guides

Part One
Part Two

How to Insert Corner Markers on Cricket Squares and Sports Pitches

This easy how to guide on how to insert plastic corner indicators(carrots) is a great help for those who have no previous experience.

How to Square up the Corners of a Cricket Table

This video also disuses pre-season rolling and gives a brief visual guide squaring up a cricket square in preparation for the season.

How to Mark out a Cricket Pitch

This is a great step by step on marking out a cricket pitch, in preparation of match day.

How to Repair Patches on your Football Pitch

A very simple how to guide, with only the most basic of hand tools required to fill in those bare areas.

How to Mark Out a Football Pitch from Stratch

This very helpful vidoe takes you through the whole marking out process.

Expertly put together by the GMA regional pitch advisor Ian Powell

How to Repair a Pitch After Use

This step by step guide directs you through the seed bed and making good of a cricket pitch after use.

How to Repair a Foothole

This simple video is a step by step guide to making good footholes, between innings or at the end of the game, in preparation for the next.

A workshop tutorial video describing how to load Strimmer line/string on to a Stihl strimmer/weed wacker auto cut head.

How to Prepare a Cricket Pitch

This handy video by Chris Woods, shows you very easily how to cut, brush and rake a pitch as part of the prepartion process.

Chris also goes into what you should be looking for visually.

How to Set the Cut and Adjust the Height of Cut

This video shows you how to adjust the height of cut on Allett mowers.The video also gives expert guidance on setting of the cut, with the use of a height measuring bar.

Get to Know a Ramsome M11 5 Gang Cylinder Mower

GroundsMunkey, shows us how to operate and adjust his ransome gang units.

Dave (GroundsMunkey) runs us through setting the cut, adjusting the height of cut along with some other tips.

How to set up a varibrush

Another great video from GroundsMunkey, in this entertaining video he talks through the benefits of brushing, using his new brushes,attached to the old frame.

He also shows us through setting up the attachments in the fields, the hard way and the easy way, depending on what you are trying to achieve on the turf.

GroundsMunkey, also goes into the his ongoing concerns with pest damage.

How to verticut a Sports Turf

Grounds Munkey guides us through his double vertiutting operation on his cricket square.

He goes into how to set up the machine and what you are looking to achieve.

Grounds Munkey also shows you poa (weedgrass)being removed before your very own eyes.

Ground muckey also talks through his plan for the end of season renovations and much more.

How to Change and Grease Cartridge/Grease a Mower

Jimmy the mower takes us through the greasing process of his ransome highway mower, all machines have grease nipples and is an essential task to keeping machines in a good serviceable condition.

Jimmy runs through the whole process to putting in a new cartridge and bleeding the air out of it.

Great little how to guide.

How to Guide on How to Insert an Eyelet into Dome Tops or Flat Sheets

1)using half a eyelet mark the width of the eyelet
2)cut the eyelet out (be very careful of hands )
3)put a board under the metal press and put eyelet (male/bigger part )and push through the created hole ,teeth facing towards sheet .
4)using the longer section of press tool ,put the female part of eyelet over it ,with teeth facing down.
5)hit it hard ,all around the long section press toll to ensure teeth connect .

If you havent checked out our website, also take a look for some how to blogs- https://turfcareblog.com/

I hope you enjoyed our Groundsman how to guides video archive.

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