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Cricket Groundsman Weekly Work Diary

by TurfCareBlog

Working week of a Groundsman

First week of working isolated l have made the decision this week just to concentrate on cutting, the squares (20mm), outfields(20mm) and rough areas and not focus too much on verticutting,feeding or rolling.

Any feeding l do will be with a liquid fertiliser, this will hopefully prevent any flushes in growth. My concern is if we go into lock-down next week the grass will shoot off, but there be no one on site to cut it.

Pre Season Rolling the Cricket Square

We are currently cutting with our 36-inch mower, so as l cut once or twice this week, it will be rolled by default, any bare areas will receive some overseeding.

We have taken the decision to still have our machinery serviced on site this week, the club feel this will pass and when it does they want us ready as we can be to react ,we are in the fortunate position where money at present is less of a issue than most clubs.

pre season rolling

If you are part of a small grounds team l am sure you already know this, but if humanly possible we do not want to be working with other people, we all touch the same equipment and machinery and this is HIGH risk.

I won’t be watching the news too much, just checking in once or twice a day is enough these are trying times and l personally feel l need to protect my mental health and how often does the news actually updates.

We need to not only protect our physical health but also our mental health, as we all know poor mental and physical health can be linked. 

Yours and Others Long Term Health has to come First.

This wont last forever ,if we act responsible it will be over sooner and remember it is only grass and that is coming from me,a lot of people just fell over in amazement.

If you do have to walk away from the ground, just remember the Institute of Groundsmanship,the ECB ,Turfcareblog and the wider turf industry will be there to support you.

Better go cut some grass,wrap up its feeling cold out there.

Brian (Preston Nomads CC)

Since this blog was written the government have provided new regulations and these regulations may over ride anything that is said within any of our blogs.

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1 comment

chrisjohnson12017 March 23, 2020 - 11:07 am

Great thoughts and advice. I’ve just cut our second square and will verticut both later. I’m anxious to get rolling as ground is drying fast. Slightly dubious because outfield is still very soft especially between our two grounds. I’m just 7 minutes walk from our ground along a country lane. Hope I’m going to be able to continue to do that!

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