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Nomad Groundsman in Isolation Week Two

by TurfCareBlog

Groundsman working in lockdown

Groundsman in lockdown is just a diary of the work l have managed to do while on covid 19 lockdown.

I am permitted to work, as my company are able to work within government guidelines.


Despite being the groundsman in lockdown l am delighted to be coming to work today, can only do a few days a week, but that’s just enough to keep me sane and the wife happy, getting under her feet.com.

First thing l noticed is the amount of fox/badger damage, we sprayed late last summer, so quite annoying we have animals digging for grubs(leatherjackets).

Definitely not birds as a area l fenced off is untouched and seed is on its way up.

Squares received a cut at 18mm and noticed just a bit of softness in the top of the soil, so perfect excuse to get some holes in and a bag of seed down, last but not least a brushing in of seed.

Pretty good grass cover but germinated in lines and l want a more even coverage ,to keep out weeds, moss and weed grass.

A very light watering of the square to soften soil slightly for rolling tomorrow and maybe push that seed nearer the surface.

Bit of general grass cutting on the rough areas and a successful day!

Badger damage to turf
Animal damage,bird,fox or badger??


Cold morning but square firm and ready for the heavy roller (unballested) for a couple of directions, left no crease/lines within the soil.

Please forgive me but l’am lone working and limited time so, used a dragmat and our very small tractor to stand the grass up after.

A lot of watering around the site of newly seeded areas after animal damage!

Groundman tasks on turf


Came into work and more animal damage, just outside an area l have laid down some germination sheets!

This year my pests are not wearing whites, well if a badger partly white l guess.

Happy to be working though and gave the squares their last rolls for the week, they are really firming up and drying out but the grass is weak and begging for no more rolling.

Cut a very hungry looking outfield and more grass cutting around the site.

It is barely growing l bet bit of rain and l am sure l ‘ll be chasing my tail, if l bite the bullet and put on a granular feed, where budgets allow.

groundsman tasks
Soil profile ( https://www.bmsproducts.com/ )to the right,nearly dried out!!

Thursday -Last Working day of week

Back to sitting on my bum and letting the tractor and the dragmatt stand up the grass for cutting.

Got the mower ready for a cut and no surprise, it’s not growing and screaming at me to give it a break!

I listened and gave it a liquid feed with a 25-0-0 feed and some added tonics.

I allowed this to dry on the leaf and then gave both squares a good soak and readiness for a stress-free few day from me and a chance to recover.

The soil profile is drying out rapidly and as you can see by my photo, not much air space left in there so not going to go mad with rolling this spring.

Speaking to my boss about rolling he shared my feelings, which is always good when someone backs up your own thoughts.

A well consolidated square, will drop in soil density but not by major amount so for now, l am giving the plant a rest, seed a chance and trying to keep a bit of perspective.

Flymo of areas and some brushing of non turfs and looking at needing some repair work, where batsmen refuse to use the net area in trainers, rather than studs.

Next week

Well l usually have a plan in place but l will go in fresh on Monday,take a look at the forecast and site and decide on what to do for the week.

Sure the squares however will be in need a brush as a lot of surface debris(dead grass/litter) ,in needs of collecting.

No 1 stay safe everyone and if you can not work isolated ,stay home from the Groundsman in lockdown.


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