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Q&A Gary Barwell Edgbaston

by TurfCareBlog

Q&A Gary Barwell of Edgbaston (Warwickshire Cricket), in this blog we ask Gary six straight to the point questions on things like, what is the biggest innovation and what makes a good Groundsperson. We also asked Gary his top turf tip worth sharing.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

The weather with its changing climate and the pressure to produce the best all the time. The pressure from TV social media and extra demands on the playing surface has made the job really hard all year round, plus the number of fixtures has nearly doubled in the last five years.

ground prepared for England cricket
England Ready

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The industry I work in there are some amazing and friendly people, Theres also the pleasure to produce surfaces for the best players in the world to perform on and to be part of sporting history.

What do you think has been the biggest innovation, that’s helps you do your job introduced in the last ten years or so?

Personally, at Edgbaston the investment in people and machinery, they go above and beyond giving me the best tools to achieve the best results  

What’s makes a good groundsperson in your experience?

Dedicated, professional and most of all genuine plus an eye for detail, willing to go the extra mile for everyone and trying to stay happy!!!!!!!!

net area
Net Area 2021

What would you say to encourage anyone who’s considering becoming a Grounds person?

Listen to everyone but enjoy the ride highs and lows, learn every day and never give up on your dreams

What’s the best turf tip you have ever been given and could pass to someone else?

Never leave anything out there also believe in yourself. I always think if I was in the stands or watching on TV what would I think about the groundstaff team.


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