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Catch Up With The Volunteer Groundsman

by TurfCareBlog

Groundsman Blog

 I am a volunteer groundsman who is currently still working full time in these uneasy times, it has been a hard winter with the outfield so wet l have not found the time to get the roller out to the square.

Luckily for me the previous groundsman and club legend dropped me an email and asked if he could help, out which l snapped up;

He managed a few low speed passes of the square which was grand.

To my surprise he also fixed the square rope with his sailor knots! He also managed a cut of the square, without his help l would have been stuffed! 


Some rain was forecast not to long after the cut which meant l had a mad dash around to find some fertiliser on, as the person l get it off was self-isolating and not in a position to supply.

A quick few email and facebook message later l had some and then true to form the forecast changed and l thought sod it, and whacked it on and the rain come! 

Family Affairs

Today (Sunday 26th) l was involved in intensive talks with my three-year-old about going to the ground and getting some cutting done before the rain. After a promise of a surprise when l got back l was allowed to go on my own…. Result!

Upon arrival to the ground’s shed l was greeted by a small leak from the hydraulics on the roller (must remember to sort that out this week) and a flat battery on the triple mower.

Once l had found the charger and temporarily fixed the roller l was able to get my mower out fresh from a service.


Off and Cutting

A quick adjust on the height and a pull l was away solidly cutting for two hours and six wheel barrows later, a huge hand full of chewed up foam balls, l was done!

Now to try and see if l can get some of the club members to help out with moving the water spray line and making sure that Brian Sandalls doesn’t come and borrow/steal it during the day, while l am at work!

Hopefully we get some rain and l can ask the club to get down and roll the square in time for any cricket that may happen! 

Hope you are all safe and see you the other side.

Alex Ellis Volunteer Groundsman (Burgess hill) 

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