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Three Methods of Managing Turf Grass Dew

by TurfCareBlog

Three Methods of managing turf grass dew and six reasons why!

My names Phillip McKeown, I’ve been a Greenkeeper now for 14 years. I got into greenkeeping through my love for golf and got my first full time greenkeeping post when I was 16 after finishing a few courses at Greenmount college.

I’m now working as an assistant greenkeeper on my third golf course at Royal Belfast. I got a job offer from Old Bleach bowling club in 2014 and I’ve been there ever since. I’ve been very lucky to be given the opportunity as well as being well supported by a club, hope you enjoy some of my thoughts.

During the off-season things might seem to slow down in the eye of your members, but we all know the maintenance doesn’t end in October. When the temperatures are dropping, moisture will remain on the leaf unless removed physically or chemically.

Here are a few ways I’ve dealt with moisture management and a few reasons why I do it.

Brushing& Switching

A dew brush and a switch rod are the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep moisture at bay. It would normally take me ten minutes to brush the green and switch away any worm casts. It can be a hassle to do if you aren’t full time but it’s very beneficial over the winter period.


A hand mower can be used if you don’t have a dew brush handy, it’s not a method that would be time effective but it will get the job done. I would normally have a high height of cut set on the mower to keep the sward sharp, leaving it on the eye even compared to different species growing in different temperatures.


If you don’t have the time through the week to remove dew you can use products that will keep moisture at bay. I would only recommend using these products when you aren’t mowing as regularly due to it not having longevity compared to being applied and not being mowed.

The majority of dew relief products last from 2-4 weeks. The big drawback is the price, I’ve found they range from £180-£250 for 10L. 

Six Reasons why you should remove turf dew

It relieves stress from the plant.

Reduces the chance of disease.

Reducing the chance of disease, meaning less applications and money saved on fungicide.

Shaded areas will cope better with lack of dampness.

Overall presentation to the members. Moss more likely to flourish on a damp surface/leaf.

I hope you found Three Methods of managing turf surface dew, if you have any further thoughts let me know in the below comments box.

Three Methods of managing turf grass dew, by Phil McKeown

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comments below.

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