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Tom Waldock-Rugby Groundsman Interview

by TurfCareBlog

Tom Waldock-Rugby Groundsman Interview

In this YouTube interview, we interviewed Tom Waldock who is the Head Groundsman at  Towcestrians Sports Club, before that Tom was a Groundsman at Peterborough FC and the Wasps Ricoh Stadium.

Tom was a Groundsman used to sand based winter pitches with big budgets, but now looks after clay based pitches. Tom shares his top tips on managing and renovating these more challenging surfaces.

Order of topics discussed during the interview

1) Where you work previous and where you work now?

2) What are the differences between managing clay pitches as you do now, compared to the sand based pitches you used to manage?
Tom tell us with about how sand based pitches can be worked on all year round, and how clay based pitches are more of a challenge.

3) What renovations do you have planned on your clay based rugby pitches ?

4) What’s your tip tips to pass onto grassroots grounds managing clay based pitches ?
Tom goes into how he has how he rotates wear and how he communicates this with coaches.
Tom also talks about knowing when and when not to maintain the pitch and knowing when to say off.

5)What’s your top tips for managing committees to access funding ?
Tom tells us how he presents detailed reports to the club and how this on the whole has worked well, or has at least covered his own back.

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Tom Waldock-Rugby Groundsman Interview and a big thanks for Tom for taking the time to do it, on his birthday.

Who would you like me to interview next , about what subject let me know in the comments box below.


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