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Tools and Equipment for Cricket Groundsman

by TurfCareBlog

I will provide a very simple list of tools and equipment for cricket groundsman , l will also include some further links to a couple of other sites. Sports England and the GMA have these own guides tools and equipment wise needs.


Look at section 8 (below link) of the TS4 document, the go to guide for what tools and equipment you need as a groundsman.


A link to source of older mower parts or and source second hand machinery-https://turfcareblog.com/second-hand-machinery/

Basic machinery/equipment list 


8/10 blade mower(cylinder) for the square.

Height bar and ruler for cylinder mowers.

Rotary mower, for new seed and general cutting, if it has a roller can add stripes.

36-inch-wide mower, for in season cutting and pre-season rolling. Can also be used for outfield cutting or as a back-up.

Outfield mower, most clubs use the service of the local council which is an affordable option. If the club wish to bring in house then a triple mower or gang mower units or even a 36-inch mower is an option but all dependent on available resources.


Hand roller

36-inch mower, used for pre-season rolling.

Mechanical roller (sit on) various weights

Pitch preparation

Irrigation equipment such as water rose and sprinkler and possible a seeping/perforated hose.


Lawnman (push rake/brush) is an essential item to thin wickets and stand the grass up during pitch prep.

Possible cassette cartridges for the cylinder mower and in season verticut work.

Springbok rake as a minimum.

Soil profiler

To be used to gauge if depth or moisture or and if any layers of thatch and unlaying problems.

If just gauging the depth of moisture, then just a peg will do to assess depth of moisture pre pitch preparation or aeration.

Marking out

String line min length the length of your square but longer the better for squaring up the cricket square in spring .2 x 50 metre (non-stretch).

Straight edge or marking frame (ensure its straight and not buckled)

Pegs/pins and tape measure and a 30 m tape for putting in disc positions on outfield.

Stump gauge and hole maker (sawn off stump end), and club hammer

Pitch repairs in season

Ferret or similar tool for smaller areas such as ends.

Application of fertiliser

Cyclone spreader, personally l do not like drop spreader. Cyclone spreaders can also be used for spreading seed during renovations works.

Possible option of a 20/25 lts pedestrian sprayer for the application of liquid fertilisers and products.

Foothole repairs

Bucket and dustpan and brush, Loam, watering can or mister bottle.

Tamper, with an empty loam bag strapped to base to stop loam sticking to base.

Renovations works

A scarifier such as a sisis 600 or graden are the ideal machines for renovations, but as only used once per season maybe more feasible to hire or share machinery.

If you purchase a sisis 600 then you can also fit a brush and verticutting units for in-season works, which would make an outright purchase more sustainable.

Lute for levelling of soil and end and a dragmat or brush to work in/even out topdressing, during renovations.


Always a need for a hand fork for puddle on run ups etc.

Vertical punch action pedestrian or tractor mounted aerator for winter spiking, with a selection of tine. Possible hire or share with another club as only used 2/3 times a year, unless funds can be found or used on outfields throughout year.

Sarel roller for shallow surface opening and seed bed creation, especially useful for ends and end of season renovations.

The TS4 document above has a much more comprehensive list with more details regarding specifications.

I hope you found the tools and equipment for cricket groundsman of some help.

Brian and Team.

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