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Turf Pest Problems and Solutions

by TurfCareBlog

Turf Pest Problems and Solutions, is a blog on a growing problems of turf pests across the sports in terms of leather jacket and chafer grubs and how turf manager can deal with them. This Q&A type blog looks asks TurfSolv technical consultant Andrew Turnbull eight leading questions.

When is the perfect timing for using to get max benefits?

Apply TurfSolv as soon as adult Crane Flies and/or Chafer Beetles are seen (Spring/Autumn). The most vulnerable stage is the eggs. At grub stage the smaller the grub the more control will be seen. Like with any other method, i.e., nematodes, once grubs reach over 15mm they become harder to control.

What are the signs a Grounds Person/Greenkeeper has pest problems?

Turf pests eat grass roots and the signs are yellow patches that develop into bare areas. The grass can be easily lifted and animals, such as foxes and badgers, dig up the turf to expose the grubs for eating.

Will Turfsolv work on a hard, compacted cricket square, or can applications be worked around dryer months?

TurfSolv contains two powerful surfactants and will penetrate hard soil, but more slowly. The soil needs to be moist but not saturated i.e., Spring/Autumn.

What are the main benefits for using Turfsolve?

Safe for spray operators, wildlife and pets. Can be tank mixed with other liquid treatments e.g., fertilisers. Is carbon based and will break down in the soil leaving no residue. makes other treatments work better, particularly fertilisers, and removes the need for some products e.g., wetter.

What soils/rootzone will TurfSolv work best on?

All soils, but as mentioned above slower on clay-based soil.

Application timing and methods i.e., wash in, spike prior, can the product get past thatch layers?

Spray and repeat 2-3 days later. Spray again 7 days after 2nd application if the infestation is severe. Spray every 4 weeks until control is achieved.

How Can a Grounds Person/Greenkeeper gauge when control is achieved?

TurfSolv will not eradicate grubs but the reduction in number is seen when the grass grows and recovers. TurfSolv is also a very effective bio stimulant and an increase in root mass means the grubs have less of an effect on the grass sward

Do you need a spraying license to apply turf solv?

No, but we recommend spray equipment training.

What areas of sports turf have you seen the best outcomes, using the product?

Golf greens and tees, football pitches, lawns.

Is TurfSolv a Preventive or Control product?

TurfSolv relies on contact with the grub to achieve control and is not a preventative product due to it breaking down in the soil after 3-4 weeks. Our message is “For grass affected by lawn pests”, which is difficult to get across when people want a definitive statement of control. We mostly sell to lawn care companies after a chat when we can explain what it does and how it works.

Andrew on behalf of TurfSolv.

If you wanted to look at more information on the management of leatherjacket larvae, then take a read of this blog https://turfcareblog.com/how-to-control-crane-fly-daddy-long-legs-on-sports-turf/

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