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TurfCareNews- Pitches Slatted/Grass Clipping hell

by TurfCareBlog

In the latest edition of TurfCareNews we look at criticism of pitches, grass clippings hell for clubs and recruitment issues faced by leading sports establishments. In TurfCareNews we try and pick up on what is relevant most to groundsmen, based on posts submitted by groundsmen and greenkeepers across social media.

Pitches slatted 

Mr Vaughan slatting wickets again this time the quality of county wickets, not long ago it was the Hundred Wickets.

These commentators are paid for opinions so l guess we can’t be surprised when also they decide to chuck the groundsman under the bus. It gives their listeners and followers something to chew on and feed their social media accounts.

Cricket over the years has increase no end more and more demand and expectancy on cricket squares that can’t really grow with the volume.

Climate change along interferes with weather patterns add coaches/captains interfering with pitch preparation constantly removing any character from pitches, or and makes groundsmen too scared to prepare anything other than a road.

I’ve never met a well-off groundsman at any level, the top boys will work through the night if and when required. year after year they will strive to improve and incorporate new technologies and yet again, they are told the standard of pitches aren’t up to scratch.

So many factors influence the scores, team strength, players lacking the ability to stick, pitch availability, coaches’ interference and at times human error, yes human error. Let’s not forget even groundsmen at all levels are humans, not robots, maybe cut us some slack rather than chucking them under the bus at the first opportunity. 

Sadly, it’s just a reflection of society lots of opinions, not letting the facts get in the way of a good story or looking to unpack this opinion in a way that moves sport forward.

Recruitment crisis 

The above story on pitches being slatted maybe a good reflection on where are industry stands we are having an industry wide recruitment issues, retention is becoming a problem along with low morale amongst pro groundsmen /greenkeepers and maybe even recreational groundsmen/greenkeepers.

Get The Game On- We are Trying!

Get the game on

How does this reflect also on groundsmanship it’s only grass some say, where is the pride? I hope this is not a true reflection on how little councils /authorities view recreational sport and the importance to the nation’s health and wellbeing.

This is not a new issue it is widespread on recreational sports grounds, whether that be football or cricket outfield. What does this say about our industry even if at recreational level, surely a poor reflection on us all.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see the FA or the ECB take a stand on real everyday issues small clubs face in just trying to get the game on.

Supply issues

As with any secure at the moment the turfcare industry is not exempt from supply issues, there has been a shortage in gaining parts, fertiliser, spreaders and more concerningly cricket loam, specifically Kaloam.

Some of our communities have had to either wait weeks for their loam deliveries or been told there is no more stock to hand. I unsure how true this is, but l have been told part of the issues with loam has been due to having a wet summer and loam companies having issues harvesting and producing products.

We are also l am sure still struggling from last year’s lock down and there is a national shortage of haulage drivers, many challenges for loam and suppliers to contend with and sadly this looks to be continuing for a while ahead.

The next issue l am hearing is a shortage in the supply of fertilisers and as a result big increases in prices due soon.

Another Challenge to Contend with

News Summary

As a working groundsman there are so many challenges in the present time and going forward, my own view is l feel there’s a lack of engagement from governing bodies and organisations on the above issues.

Sorry if this month’s TurfCareNews has had a negative tone, not intentional and my aim is to just reflect through this platform the good, the bad and the ugly that’s real and relevant to those who read it.

Brian on behalf of the TurfCareBlog community

Do you have any news you’d like to be considered for the next edition, then leave a comment below.

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Laurence October 5, 2021 - 12:07 pm

A good account up on he current issues facing our industry however. These have being going on for years the Iog /now the GMA have tried for well over 87 years And still not brought our industry together and solved the problem of poor wages and the tag we only grass cutters having said that they cannot do it on their own we need the whole industry to come together to solve these problems and look at how we can recruit new blood into our industry . We should bet getting better support from the paid professionals and TV media to help promote the industry .

TurfCareBlog October 5, 2021 - 2:32 pm

I am always up for working with anyone who wants to make a difference and thanks for the comments Laurence also good to hear from you


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