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What Skill Set Makes for a Top Groundsperson

by TurfCareBlog

In this blog l unpack what skills set makes for a top Groundsperson, I asked our turfcare community and the blog is based on the feedback from this. Two top Grounds people also give their very own view on what makes a top Groundsperson.

The blog titles suggest this blog is just about skill required for a top Groundsperson, but this blog contains a mix, whatever level we are at, we can improve.

For me it starts here.

Top Skills required from a Modern day Groundsperson

1-Communication skills

The ability to communicate has to be right up there, in order to present your point of view to managers, staff, suppliers arguably other than a knowledge base has to be up there.

One of my own weaknesses.

Link for a website that specialise in personal development training course – https://trainingunlimited.co.uk/

2-Passion and drive to improve

A Groundsperson will have plenty of challenges along the way, ups and downs and a need to be patient but given a high level of drive and passion great things can be achieved. The top Groundsperson never stops looking to learn and also has that inner drive/desire to continually improve personally as well as professionally, to take their sites forward.

3-Knowledge base

A knowledge base is built up over the years, not only on a day-to-day basis but having a desire to continually seek training, information from many sources. A top Groundsperson needs a high knowledge base, but I don’t think you would get any Groundsperson say they have all the knowledge they need, rather it’s a continuous journey at whatever level you work.

4-Managing the best, you can with the resources you have

This may shock some but even the world’s top UK’s venues Groundsperson don’t always have all the resources they need at times; limits are pushed between matches and concerts. Time is a massive resource but you have to be given that time and that’s not always as much as they need or like, but a top Groundsperson tries to make the best out of the resources they have to hand.

As l start to read this l realise l have a long way to go, but that’s the industry we are in and this blog is all about awareness and self-improvement.

A good example of the challenges a turf manager may face

What do Companies look for in Recruiting (generic)- Companies Say!

·         Enthusiasm

·         Good communication skills

·         Organised person

·         High personal and professional standards

·         Relevant qualifications and experience.

Additional vital Skills Required by a Groundsperson in General

·         An eye for detail

·         Organisational

·         Resilience

·         Adaptability

·         Self confidence

·         Mentor to staff and helpers

·         Self-motivated

·         Ability to manage budgets and procurement of equipment and sundries.


What Skill Set Makes for Groundsperson- Two Top Groundspersons view

What makes a Groundsperson in your experience?

Stuart Kerrison of Essex Cricket

What makes a good Groundie? Attention to detail and a willingness to learn. It’s the small things and going the extra mile that generally are the difference between the OK and the good. Anyone who thinks they know everything usually knows not too much!

Anyone who thinks they know everything usually knows not too much! Stuart Kerrison Essex Cricket HG

Scott Tingley
Watford FC Season 2017-18 Premier Lge Watford v Newcastle Utd 05/05/2018 Pic Alan Cozzi Head Groundsman Scott Tingley receives the Premier League award for best Premier League Pitch

Scott Tingley – Head Groundsperson Watford Football Club

What’s makes a good Groundspersons in your experience?

Whilst learning the job…. Commitment, a good work ethic, willingness to learn, and listening to instructions. 

Head Groundsman wise- the knowledge of knowing when doing nothing is the best thing to do! Understanding when to leave your surface to rest is a key element that not many are good at. We as groundsmen feel lazy if we aren’t grafting and striving to improve our pitches but sometimes you can improve a surface by leaving it to rest at the right moments. Knowing when those moments are is what the best Groundspersons are made of!

We as groundsmen feel lazy if we aren’t grafting and striving to improve our pitches but sometimes you can improve a surface by leaving it to rest at the right moments.. Scott Tingley Watford HG

Whatever level you’re at, whatever your aims and ambitions we all mostly have one thing in common: a desire to improve our site and also ourselves. Like me l hope you found this a reflective blog.

Over to you – With all that said, what do you think is missing from the above blog and skills?

Brian on behalf of the TurfCareBlog community

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