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Why l left the TurfCare Industry but Returned

by TurfCareBlog

Why l left the TurfCare Industry but Returned, is a reflective story and on how the job can challenge our mental health if not kept in balance. It is a brave testimony and a story of hope on speaking out on the challenges of our mental health.

So here I am seven months after I left the industry back where I started 

It’s not been an easy ride with lots of up and downs. 

We work in an industry which can be extremely rewarding, putting all the hard work in to see your pitches in all their glory. People often come up to you in summer and constantly tell you “You have the best job”.

Good, Bad and the Ugly of the job

What people don’t see is the unsociable hours, working in the rain, strimming and getting covered in dog mess, we produce a stunning surface for the birds to peck the sh*t out of, machinery breakdowns, vandalism. These are just a few day-to-day issues we deal with to create the best we can with what we have, but it’s a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it. I for one love it and when I made the decision to step away from the best job and a great industry, I thought that’s what I wanted. 

In fact, what I was truly suffering with was my mental health, it’s taken to writing this to admit it and not be ashamed, l felt embarrassed to feel how I felt and always saw it as a weakness. I think I had always suffered with it since my dad passed away at an early age. Some days I felt untouchable, loving life and living the dream. Other days I didn’t want to speak to anyone, no interest in passions or hobbies and a severe lack of motivation. It was so hard to explain just how it can make you feel but emotionless, worthless are just a few words. 

Self-Imposed Pressure

I put lots of unnecessary pressure on myself which had a knock-on effect on myself and family, trying to achieve things that weren’t achievable. I was the being the person who tries to please everyone and says “yes” to helping others with no boundaries.

But you can’t please everyone and not everyone in life will share the same views as you. I’ve upset people unintentionally, that I am sorry for but, I look back now and realise I was struggling.

There are many different ways to help yourself if you feel you are struggling. We have a great industry where we stick together and help each other out.  Speak to your doctor if you are struggling and they may be able to help with prescribing medication or therapy. 

These are routes you can take to help you out, for me the biggest one is talking to others. Never be afraid to pick up the phone and talk to someone, because before you know it it’s already affecting you and it can swallow you up. It is never anything you should be ashamed of. 

On Reflection

This is something I look back on and realise I should have talked about and been honest with my feelings. I’m sure I will still have bad days like the rest of us but I’m back at my old job and have great support, surrounded by great people. 

Never be ashamed to talk and ask for help if needed, I will always be there for people if they need to chat or want a cup of tea and remember It’s never a weakness. 

Why l left the TurfCare Industry but Returned by


A few resources – https://perennial.org.uk/home/ways-we-can-help/health-wellbeing/

NHS Help – https://www.nhs.uk/every-mind-matters/mental-wellbeing-tips/your-mind-plan-quiz/?WT.mc_id=MentalHealthGeneric1&gclsrc=aw.ds&gclid=Cj0KCQiAqvaNBhDLARIsAH1Pq5342k2pyk7J_8-xq0ugD_vEwKxmcd0j2vbPFlm20b0xmhOQzP0j5OwaArpDEALw_wcB

I am not sure this is just a challenge the TurfCare industry but also in every industry, our job is also a job we care passionately about and in that its easier to loose our balance. We as a community are here to Connect-Share and Learn l hope this blog by Scott, was reflective of those values.

To see Scott’s preview blog on why he quit the industry – https://turfcareblog.com/why-l-quit-my-career-in-groundsmanship/

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