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Winter Cricket Square Problem Solvers Print Off

by TurfCareBlog

Winter Cricket Square Problem Solvers Print off is just that, a list of blogs via a QR code. Winter problems included worms, disease, pests and the PDF also includes a handy monthly task planner.

List of Content

  • Worm Cast management
  • Winter and a general guide to feeding of sports turf and its requirements
  • Red Thread (Turf Disease)
  • Moss, control and prevention techniques.
  • Aeration in regards to Crciket squares
  • Pests, in regards to leatherjacket larvea
  • Managing surface moisture, which can lead to disease
  • Soil testing to assist in understanding what nutrients are required for in terms of P,K
  • Task planner, giving you a rough guide what to do in any one month
  • Overseeding, when and how and the basic requirements to getting it to grow and flourish Autumn/Spring.


  • Download it, hit the dowload button above
  • Print it off
  • Laminate or put in a protective sleeve
  • Pin it up in your shed
  • Go to your smart phone camera and aim at the QR code of interest and wait for it to highlight, then tap and it will take you directly to the blog in question.
  • Let me know you are using it, but sending me a image of your PDF on your shed wall. For every ten l receive l will send out a free eBook.


Do let me know your feedback, how can l improve or and build on this to make information simpler and easier to access to help make your time more productive on the grounds.

More Learning Opportunities

Why nor check out the Grounds Management Association who also have some great learning resources – https://thegma.org.uk/learning

Brian on behalf of TurfCareBlog.com

PDF/Print Off

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