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A Diary of our Cricket Square Renovation

by TurfCareBlog

A diary of our cricket square renovations by Dormansland CC Grounds team . It is always interesting, and perhaps at times dispiriting, to see how (mainly on social media sites) to ‘properly’ carry out EOS if you had some of the equipment that the larger and perhaps professional clubs have at their disposal. One can only dream but it isn’t going to happen anytime soon methinks!

So what do we do, how do we do it and what with. Some information. We are a small village club. The only new mower we have ever bought was a cheap shed rotary to make sure we had something sharp for winter cuts on the square. Most of our equipment has been donated or ‘acquired’ and renovated in house and put to work. What we do have is a dedicated (but ageing) group who are prepared to turn up (all year long) when required and graft. Can’t put a price on that.

Procedure. (Or what we have done, right or wrong) for this last year.

Last game was on the Sunday was on the 19th September

Diary of works

Monday 20th The boy went in and cleaned up the square with our old mark 4 which we fitted with a brush and trimmed to approximately 10mm with the Dennis. In myself later to put the water on. (Nelson water tractors)

Tuesday 21st (evening)Everyone in attendance. Square cut down to 6mm, raked and cut again. Water put on overnight (Nelson water tractors)

Thursday 23rd. (Afternoon/evening) Cut again to 6mm, raked and cut again. Water back on overnight. SACG (Sussex Ass of Cricket Groundsmen) scarifier delivered. It suited everyone if delivery could be made the night before it was due.

Friday 24th (7.30am) Early turn switches the dew of the square, rakes and runs the paladin (mower) over it again at 6mm. Should probably say it was set at 6mm for wicket prep and we didn’t want to alter it.

-Scarifed in two directions at 10 to 12mm. Didn’t help the belt breaking or we may have done a third pass.

-1 ½ bags of seed and a bag of 6-3-9 (fertiliser) to help it on its way.

-8-10 bags of loam per strip (12 strips). Wasn’t too worried exactly more what we thought was needed, especially the ends. Luted, (can still feel it) and a 6ft wide ‘thing’ towed over it to finish.

We always keep some seed and loam in case (or as always) some touching up is required.

Should say the girls helped enormously with hot pasties for lunch and cakes during the afternoon. Don’t think they quite trust us altogether at the ground ‘doing things’. We also had the keys to the bar which helped as well!

Post renovation works

Saturday 25th. Awaiting bulk delivery of Deep Heat and someone to help us get out of bed. Distinct lack of sympathy from other halves.

Saturday 2nd October.

Green shoots just poking through! Only 3-4mm long if that and scarce as hens’ teeth but you could definitely see them if you got down on your knees and got real close. I suppose most grounds(men/women/persons/people) are down on their knees at this time of year. Getting up again is another issue.

Tuesday 19thOctober. 1 bag of 6-3-9 to encourage it on its way. Looking a bit pale in places.

Thursday 21st. Worm treatment.

29th October. Due for first cut but it is p*****g down.

During this time we spent as much time as possible running the slitter over the outfield.

1st November.

Cut with rotary at 30mm(ish). Plan to drop to 20mm in next 7-10 days depending on conditions and hopefully maintain it around that level through winter.

A Diary of our cricket square renovations by Grumpy (Stuart) and team!

If yo enjoyed this take a look at another blog by the team at Dormandsland CC – https://turfcareblog.com/the-time-team-dormansland-cricket-club/

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Chris Johnson November 4, 2021 - 10:18 am

A lovely blog again from Dormansland, but there’s a few typos and think one of the dates is wrong month.


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