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How to Prepare your Cricket Roller for Winter

by TurfCareBlog

How to prepare your cricket roller for winter is a blog we have done in partnership with Auto-Roller, in this blog we look at winter servicing and some questions posted to Auto-Roller via our community of groundsmen.

Can you tell us your basic recommendations for servicing auto rollers?

Of course, as you may know we are now taking bookings for our annual preseason services (carried out on site – February 2022), however we do appreciate that some clubs are able to do their own, here is what we would recommend to carry out if doing the service in house:

  • Grease all grease points – Jack off the floor to ensure the grease gets to the wearing side of the shaft and bushes.
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Change air filter
  • Check battery cell levels and top up with distilled water
  • Clean battery terminals and cover in grease or petroleum gel to prevent corrosion
  • Disconnect battery leads after a good charge/run
  • Check tension of roller drive chain clean and lubricate
  • Clean roll drain plugs with wire brush and grease liberally!
  • Add antifreeze or ideally remove all ballast water from rolls

With a much warmer climate and less cold winters is it still vital drain down rollers of water?

It is always best to drain down just in case of severe frost and the roller will be ready for pre-season rolling. We have seen cases where frost has completely blown the rolls, so we would recommend this each year.

In regards to the fuel tank, how should that be prepared for winter?

Fill up to prevent condensation and water contamination in the fuel (advice for Petrol is to drain down – same issue with rust/water but the petrol can ‘go off’ over a longer period and cause starting issues the following season)

Where the best place to store the bolts after you have drained down rollers, is there any issues placing back on the drum?

Cubby hole at the front of the roller by steering wheel if leaving out – best place is back in the rolls with lots of grease

What fuel should groundsmen use if they have a petrol engine on their power roller E5/10?

N/A (all engine manufactures have been aware of the E10 changes so this should not be an issue from 2010 onwards – it may require a fine adjustment to the carburettor to be done by an experienced fitter)

Can groundsmen buy parts direct from you?

Absolutely, all parts are available direct from Auto roller

With many machinery manufacturers switching from fuel to battery power, is this something that could happens with rollers?

Possibly in the future…. There may also be a hybrid option

If groundsmen wanted to paint their rollers, is there a specific paint that can purchase of you?

Touch up paint is available from AutoRoller. Preparation of the old steel will be key to a good finish. Refurbished rollers are shot blasted to remove all the old paint. If over painting a good key and primer will ensure a longer lasting finish.

Auto-Rollers around the grounds

Community Questions 

With the worry of theft every present, is there anything groundsmen can do over winter to disable the machine or and make it harder to move? 

An isolator to the battery circuit could be fitted or simply remove the battery.

If doing an oil change in house how do we dispose of the waste oil?

Your local refuse / recycling site will normally take small quantities of waste oil

What is the appropriate grease for non-power steering wheels?

A general Multi-Purpose grease will do, little and often is the best way to ensure this is in the system, ensure all extremes of movement are reached (lock to lock on steering) and the bushes in the king post and rolls are free moving – all should be easily moved when off the ground.

What the best thing to use on drain plugs, plumbers tape or grease or are both suitable?

Drain plugs are tapered to seal so a film of grease will be fine.

This year AutoRoller are offering two types of service as we are aware that some of your lovely AutoRollers are now needing a hydraulic oil change, this is known as our ‘premium service’. We also have our standard service option available as usual.

We are aware that there are some very handy ground workers that are able to maintain the AutoRollers themselves, so we are also offering our ‘Seasonal Essentials Kit’ to help with basic maintenance throughout the season.

All information and prices can be found here:


We hope you have found the above helpful, and please do always ask if there is anything else we can help with.

Many Thanks


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