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Apprentice Diaries -Part One

by TurfCareBlog

My name is Tom Wareham Grinstead. l am age 24 and l work at for Sussex Cricket as an apprentice Groundsman, currently based as Preston Nomads CC.

Where have you worked previously?

I’ve worked as a fencing supplier, estate agent and a landscape gardener.

What made you look into being a grounds person as it is quite a change from your previous careers?

I considered a job of a grounds person because I’ve always enjoyed working outside and working in a diverse group of people which this job offers.

A lot of people are put off apprentiships schemes, the pay drop must be a challenge. How are you adapting to life on a lower salary and to date was it worth it?

It was a daunting prospect having a big pay cut to become an apprentice but on the flip side longer term the money would be improved upon. So for a short time I believed that a lesser wage was worth it bearing in mind the knowledge and experience I would game.

Are you enjoying your career change?

I have enjoyed a career change to a ground person because it’s a very rewarding job and with loads of great opportunities to further a promising career.

How are you enjoying college?

I am mostly excited about college; I have always enjoyed learning new thing and bettering myself which I believe this college course will provide.

How are you feeling about your future within the industry?

I’m feeling very positive about the future. I can see a good career path open in front of me with the chance to advance my career after my apprenticeship ends.


This mini bog will be part of a once every eight weeks catch up with Tom, so see what he is experiencing as life as an apprentice.

The aim of the series is to encourage those thinking of entering our industry.

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