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Ask the Groundsman – Contractors Corner with Andrew Palmer

by TurfCareBlog

What do you do in the industry?

I started my own grounds maintenance company 14 years ago called ‘The Lawn Ranger Grounds Maintenance Ltd’, we are based in Brentwood, Essex.

Why did you choose a career in the industry?

In 2006 I wanted to start an outdoor based co, gardening sprung to mind, like most we started out doing basic domestics, elderly clients, and medium sized gardens by myself.

Where have you come from since then?

I have taken on staff, vehicles and equipment since 2006 to build up 5 staff, 3 vehicles, and various commercial contracts.

When and why did start completing commercial contracts?

 Around 2010 I decided that when the domestic season comes to a close around November, I need to get some commercial contracts that I could split over a 12-monthly basis, this helped me spread my income.

When did you decide groundsmen work tickled your fancy?

When we started to pick up school contracts, sports pitches I loved to get properly involved with, combined with a few saltex visits, and speaking to the IOG, this is where the ball really started.

We are very small in the groundsmen industry, but every company has a seed (excuse the pun) and needs to start somewhere.

When did you start picking up groundsmen type work?

One year ago, we picked up 17-acre sports complex, consisting of rugby and football pitches, combined with courses from the IOG, I managed to picked up a passion for this side of the business. The line marking has been steep learning curve, but everyone learns, I’m a massive advocate of this, especially with one-man bands. I always like to lend a hand to a few friends I’ve made over past few years.

Where would you like to be in 2 years’ time?

As a company I would love to own (as appose to hire) a 45-50hp compact tractor and be more educated than we are now.

I do look at many groundsmen and wish I could emulate the type of work they complete on a regular basis. There is always something for us as a company to strive towards.

All the best for great blogs Brian and educating website.

Thank you
The Lawn Ranger Grounds Maintenance Ltd

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