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by TurfCareBlog

Ask The Groundsmen is a new service we now offer free to Groundsmen and Greenkeepers .All requests will come through me and l shall assign a experienced Groundsman/Greenkeeper, or where needed refer you onto specialist advice.

We can not advise on current installation or projects with external sources, this is for questions on maintenance and renovation and just to say there are no silly questions.

We can not be liable for the advise and answers given, for qualified advise we signpost you the Grounds Management Association- https://thegma.org.uk/

Panel of Groundsmen who may answer your questions are :

Scott Byran (Multi sport) Woodlands Sports Pitches
Brian Sandalls (Cricket/Football) Sussex Cricket Groundsman

Your questions would remain confidential.

Why have we created this platform?

We are finding Groundsman are not always comfortable asking questions on social media platforms, and feel some questions maybe deemed silly.There are very few silly questions and if there is, lets get them out the way on the above form. There will be no judgement and will all questions will be kept confidential.

As l said above we will only advise on what we are confident and qualified to advise on, if we are in doubt you will signposted onto any relevant links.

How quickly will we respond?

We can not offer any guarantees but our aim is going to be able to respond, by the end of the day.

What we can’t Advise on?

Current projects or any under guarantee, we are not qualified to advice on drainage or construction. We can only gives you our own experiences in terms of maintenance and renovations of sports turf surfaces.

Are our advisors qualified to offer?

I am a pitch advisor and very experienced groundsman and I will vet emails, if we only share our own experiences l am confident you will get the very best opinions. That would be no different if that opinion was given on a social media platform.

Should you only seek one opinion?

I think its depends on who you are speaking to, l would only offer advise l was confident to put forward, as l do everyday when Groundsmen message me and anyone else offering help would have the same attitude.

It comes down to the question, but over my career advice has come from many sources and this is just a extra one to be considered.


Have you seen our Groundsmen(cricket) Tool Kit , well worth checking out and changes with the relevant seasons-https://turfcareblog.com/toolbox-cricket/

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