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Solis 26HST Review by Working Groundsmen

by TurfCareBlog

Solis 26HST Review, with Front Loader and 4 in 1 Bucket, but written by working groundsmen. The review is what is says in the title and with that comes a independence.

My name is Carl Spruce and I’m the Grounds supervisor at Wellingborough School. Our site is roughly 45 acres, we look after both grounds and gardens as a team of four. On site we have a mix of use including a field for rugby/football during the winter months, which are then used for cricket outfields and athletics during the summer.

There is also a dedicated 1st cricket square and outfield, also on site we have 2 Astros which are used for tennis, hockey and football. There are also two hard standing courts for tennis and netball. 

Researching the Market

We were on the hunt for a newish tractor to replace an old ride on we used to tow trailers around with. I was given a budget (£13000) to update this particular piece of kit. After doing a bit of homework looking at the usual makes of the Hollands, Deere and iseki, we found the Solis range. 

We then approached a local dealer and asked if we could have a look at a 26hp unit, they asked if we would like any implements on it, and we asked if they had a loader that fitted it. Of course they did. so out rolls the Solis 26HST with loader and 4 in1 bucket and a set of optional pallet tines (a loader was something we’ve been after).

On Site Demonstration

Myself and Chris Marshal my willing assistant (he’s a better driver than me) put it through its paces up and over some banks, through the mud.we towed a trailer and used the bucket to pick up some old bows that had come down that we hadn’t got round to clearing up. Surprisingly for a little tractor it certainly shows it’s a workhorse, having the pushing power of a larger tractor with a set of cleated tyres (instead of turf which were fitted to our demo).

Things we liked best

  • Versatility.
  • Comfort, with leg room and seat.
  • Easy to control and well-placed handles.
  • Compact design.


I would find it hard to come up with a reasonable task that this tractor could not manage. Compared to some new Holland’s and TYMs I have driven which were 40-50hp I am very impressed by the performance and cost of this compact tractor.

I hope you enjoyed our Solis 26HST review.

Carl and Chris

If you enjoys reviews on tractors, take a look at this one https://turfcareblog.com/kubota-l1361-l2351-review/

I hope you enjoyed this review by working groundsman and you can get no better testimony than that. I would also advice when buying any kit, do as they did and get a demo or three in and some machines are very site specific. Go through the basics like setting the cut, checking the oil and testing on your site.

I have failed to do this myself in the past and just gone with recommendations, but have now learnt l need to see the machine in action, on my site.

Hope you enjoyed the review.


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