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Changing Careers-Life as a Apprentice Groundsman Video

by TurfCareBlog

Life as a Apprentice Groundsman

Tom Wareham Grinstead is a older apprentice, thought still a young lad and came to the apprenticeship scheme later than he’d probably planned.In this seven minutes video we hear from Tom on what life is like at Sussex Cricket, where he works and whether the change of career was the opportunity he hoped for.

I asked Tom questions like , what are the best and worse parts of the job and is the job all that he thought it would be, from a previous outsider looking in.

Hows does being a groundsman affect his own passion for cricket and where he sees himself in five years.

During my own time with Sussex cricket l have seen many apprentices come and go and the perceived image of a apprentice is they are straight out of school, in our experience we have had very few. The reality is apprentices often find there way to us after trying a few trades and more often than not they prosper.

life as a apprentice groundsman, be watching Tom’s career route with much interest.

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