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Kubota L1361 (L2351) – Review

by TurfCareBlog

In a continuation to last months well received review of the Dennis 34R, we now take a look into the world of compact tractors .Specifically the Kubota L1361 (L2351)-Review, and what they offer to amateur and professional groundsmen and women alike.

The Kubota L1361 is part of the “L series” of tractors that where released by Kubota back in 2017, as part of their ever-progressive range of compact tractors. It provides its user with a powerful 36HP engine and a water-cooling system fitted as standard.

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Key features also include:

  • Rear ROPS
  • Engine type: Indirect injection, vertical, water-cooler for cycle diesel
  • 3 Cylinders
  • 36.6 Gross HP
  • 38L fuel tank
  • Manual gear drive transmission
  • 8 forward and 4 reverse gears
  • 1240kg in weight (with ROPS)
  • New shape Kubota body
  • A choice of Agri or Turf tyres fitted as standard
  • 3 Point linkage system

There is high competition for compact tractor manufacturers to consider in the current day and age. There is often little desire anymore for tractors that can’t provide enough power when attached to a roller mower for example, this as a starting point is why this model from Kabota has done so well since it’s release.

The L2351 as it is now known in todays market, gives flexibility to its users to have a plethora of machinery attached to both it’s 3-point linkage and it’s PTO shaft and works at a consistently powerful level. We have trialled the tractor with attachments such as a Major Swift gear driven finishing mower, a SISIS Powaspred, a SISIS Quadraplay and a Tremor Earthquake and the L2351 has managed all of the above with ease.

A manufacturer with prestige

Kubota as a manufacturer has long since been recognised as one of the most, if not the most, reliable and best engineers of compact tractors on the market. It’s a label that has been well maintained by Kubota and one that has been built on year after year with consistently reliable and hard-working models. The various series of tractor released by Kubota have their own unique quality, something that Kubota are concisely developing to keep themselves well ahead of the competition.

Any groundsperson that deals with tractors in their day to day management of their pitches and grounds generally build up a favourite manufacturer and for those that have an eye for reliability, performance, power, quality of parts and flexibility it generally ends up being Kubota they choose.

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Kubota reliability – Engine

Not only is the L2351 fitted with your standard of Kubota quality engine, but this particular model is also fitted with a 3-cylinder, water cooled diesel engine giving it the drive to do more. Power is a key asset for compact tractors and the L2351’s engine really does pack a punch for a tractor of its size, giving it the versatility to power some heavy PTO powered machinery without any signs of a struggle.

The water-cooling system prevents the common occurrence that happens to most tractors powering PTO machines behind, it prevents over heating, a key to the tractors use over a long period of time at low or at high revs. This allows the tractors performance to be uncompromised when powering machines around a sports pitch.It gives the user the peace of mind required that this particular engine will give them it’s maximum without the concern of a breakdown due to excessive heat. It really is a valuable addition that will save plenty of breakdowns over the course of this model’s life time.


From a personal point of view, I enjoy a lot if not all of the features included on the L2351, but there is a couple of things that I feel could improve this compact tractor even more. Turf tyres are often pretty standard nowadays as an option when purchasing most tractors.

However, the bigger the turf tyre and the more surface area on each tyre the less of a print the tractor creates when in operation on a sports pitch. Personally, I’d like to have a bigger turf tyre on this compact, something similar to the “Galaxy tyres” that some compact tractors come fitted with. This would really round off this big punching compact tractor and make it the real deal from tyres to engine.

The final small adjustment to the model that is under review here is the addition of both air braking and hydraulic sockets at the rear of the tractor to operator a wider range of machinery at full capacity. This is possible to add to a tractor with this kind of capacity and would have suited perfectly for the type of work it’s likely to undertake. The L1361 doesn’t include the sockets but it’s newer brother the L2351 does, which is clearly a feature that Kubota realised should be included with this calibre of compact tractor.

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Kubota L1361 (L2351) -Review Continued


The list price for this model is £17,600 and is available from GGM Groundscare and viewings can be arranged. Often these prices seem astronomical to amateur and semi-amateur clubs, however, there are grants available at the moment from the Football Foundation, The RFU and from various other sporting governing bodies.

This tractor is then more than affordable under the grant funding available (example: upto £30,00 through the Football Foundation) along with the flexibility on the budget to be able to afford machinery to fit the tractor too.

For the price, this has to be one of the most reliable compact tractors on the market and that is something that can’t be grumbled at when buying for sports club and complexes, who will want longevity and bang for their buck for many years to come after purchase.


Reliability – 9/10 – You’ll be hard pushed to find something more reliable on the market unless it’s a Kabota.

Performance with PTO engaged – 9/10 – The power of the machine and 4 forward gears means it never struggles to operate PTO run machinery.

Engine Quality – 9.5/10 – It’s common knowledge that Kabota produce some of the best engines available

Size – 8/10 – Kubota have shrunk the size over the years of their compact range and although they look better some would prefer a bigger machine for flexibility with tyres and other extras.

Running costs – 8.5/10 – I think you could probably find a machine that uses less fuel but will it be of the same quality?

Flexibility – 8/10 – The air brake sockets/hydraulic sockets not being a feature is a little down side for me on this model, but this has been changed in the newer models.

Safety features – 10/10 – The automatic cut off when pressure is off the driver’s seat when in gear or PTO engaged, the ROPS and clutch in start are brilliant additions.

Kubota L1361 (L2351) -ReviewOverall Rating 9/10

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Final summary

Kubota only do quality tractors and this model and it’s newer, up to date version is no exception. Reliability, Performance, Power, Flexibility and the ease to service are huge selling points. The 36HP engine is ideal for small and large complexes alike and means that pretty much all work can be undertaken.

It’s a real pleasure to drive, it’s comfortable for those long hours of PTO driven work such as vertidraining and can easily provide the peace of mind when it comes to the safety features too. Be it cutting of grass or being part of larger operations, you best believe that this is a compact tractor that can!

Alex Fitzgerald (Grassroots Groundsman)

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