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by TurfCareBlog

Welcome to our Groundsman learning Hub page.

This page has been created to signpost you to the very best blogs we have done, that l feel are educational resources worthy of archiving.

We currently have seven categories below and these include maintenance guide, how to guides and blogs on which seed and loam are suitable and much more!

I am believe this page can becomes a place you will come back time after time, as the turf issues arise.

Blogs below written by, Andy Mackay (ECB Pitch Advisor), Iain James (ECB Head of Facilities services), Alex Vickers (GMA Technical advisor), Vic Demain (Durham Cricket HG), David Goodjohn (Leading Loam Supplier) ,Brian Sandalls (TurfCareBlog Founder) and more!!

Seed and Loam

For me seed and loam are the bread and butter of any cricket square and are vital elements in the production in well performing surface.

These blogs unpack the most common questions, like do you get what you pay for with seed and what is really in a bag of loam ?

Pest and Diseases

Worm Control-


Crane Flies/Daddy Long Legs-



Grass Types

Annual Meadow grass is nothing new to groundsman and greenkeepers, but our awareness of it is.

In this blog we look at the control and prevention of this evasive weedgrass.

Educational Card- Annual Meadow Grass


Maintenance Guides

This blog by Iain James who is a leading ECB expert on all things in regards to rolling.

In this blog he gives us a up to date and simplified version of the oiginal reports, in terms of rolling in season and pre season.

Aeration of Sport Pitches-


This blog was written by one of the UK’s leading soil experts Alex Vickers, who was involved in the aeration trials carried out a few years back.

How to Guides

Soil Testing and Analysis

This blog runs through the simple tests you can do in-house to testing the strength f your own loam. Written by David Goodjohn a leading loam supplier.


Hybrid pitches are a very big part of one day or/and net wickets going forward.

I hope you enjoyed the Turfcare Learning Hub page, over time there will be more multi sports resources above.

Please keep a eye on the page for updates.

Have you seen our external resources page- https://turfcareblog.com/external-funding-and-support-links/

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