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Nomad Groundsman In Isolation – Leatherjackets damage

by TurfCareBlog

Monday– Was not quite sure what to expect as l arrived at the ground, regarding animal damage. l now know it is crows looking for leatherjackets, as you can see in the below picture. Some damage but could be worse, trying to be positive about it!

The squares looked like they needed a brush, with collection as there was a lot of yellow loose grass on the squares, so decided to give it a go and 24 wickets later l was knackered but the square was much cleaner and now ready for a cut at 18mm.

I would have gone for verticutting, just felt the grass wasn’t growing quite enough at the moment, so l went for the softer option of a brush.

Whether brushing or verticutting it is good to get the weed grass (annual meadow grass) standing up, AMG really doesn’t like being lifted and disturbed so both options are good.

To finish l liquid fed the North square, waited a bit and then gave it a drink, too keep the seed going. The South square was much greener so l didn’t feed this one, just gave it a drink.

Also cut some areas behind our fence lines, missing the apprentice at this point.

work pictures grass


Nice bit of moisture in the squares yesterday so took the opportunity to give each square a roll, with the auto roller, but with temperatures souring an afternoon water for the seed was required.

We have quite a lot of rough areas on site, so spent the afternoon cutting these along with re seeding and refilling of crow damage.

Last job of the day was to cut the south outfield.

rolling turf


Was thinking with the heat we are expecting today and over Easter ,be good to leave a bit of grass on the square to provide some shading .I could not decide so got the mower out ,it was taking off quite a lot of grass so decided best go with it .

This was a better option rather than having to really hack it down (stresses the plant) or change the height of cut when l return next week.

I cut against the previous direction l had cut to, to force the grass back upright instead of continually cutting in one direction, which can form a nap in the sward.

I had to use some old stumps to mark the edges of the pitches as there was quite a dew and it was tricky to see.

The outfield has a sand topping(carpet) of around 5 inches in depth so dries out dead fast ,so gave that a cut .Down to one cut a week on the outfields but once we get a bit of rain ,it will be hard not to cut at least twice a week, due to the demands of the plant.

That is bearing in mind the fact I haven’t yet fed the outfields, which will only push it on as well.  

cutting the cricket table
Dennis premier

Yes, they are home made scarecrows in the hope of keeping the crows from digging , it is also great even they understand social distancing rules.

Keep well and stay safe all and have a wonderful Easter ,despite the circumstances.


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Neil Divall April 10, 2020 - 3:32 pm

With it being so dry now and no rain on the horizon can we still fertilise? Or will a good soak with a hose doo? Thanks Neil

groundsman620467822 April 10, 2020 - 3:52 pm

As long as it’s water well it should be fine ,but needs to keep watering on and off over a week or so to wash fertiliser into the soil .

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