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Should Turf Care Job Roles be Listed Below Recommended Pay Rates

by TurfCareBlog

Should Turf Care Job Roles be Listed Below Recommend Pay Rates, is the question this blog looks to explore and open up some debate. I hope l have unpacked this is a fair and balanced way.

Our free job listing page at times gets asked to advertise jobs below GMA recommendations, I am unsure on our future position on this. Currently we are saying no to any listing that stands out as either being too low or not in line with the GMA recommended pay scales.

What Does TurfCareBlog do going forward, is my question to the community? 

Do l refuse to list these and encourage other media outlets to do the same, but if l/we do there are some possible issues and considerations listed below.

  • Employers may start to hide salaries from job listings, this is being done to some level now currently. That could mean interviewees travelling and attending interviews just to find out the salary on offer would be unsuitable for them. This would result in a wasted journey and possible day off.
  • Times are hard now for employers’ costs are increasing for us all, is this the time to be asking them to add big pay increases on top of everything else and refusing to list their positions. There is a time and a place and all that, is this that time and place to start to take action?
  • We have a recruitment crisis; don’t we need employers to have as much exposure to listing as possible to help fill these vital vacancies?
  • The GMA rates are recommendations, these may not be possible for employers at the recreational level, are we pushing/expecting unrealistic recommendations. This comment is aimed at small clubs/businesses not premier league clubs trying to recruit way under what is recommended.
  • With over 70% of groundspersons not receiving GMA pay rates recommendations, refusing to list such jobs could result in empty job boards.
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Maybe, now is the time for elevating our profession both collectively and individually and in doing so over time salaries will go up. Do we need to make sure we have all the training and education in place first, along with presenting ourselves better as well as believing in our own professionalism more?

There seems no easy answers in our industry, but l d like to think what should be easy is us all working together for a better future, my concern personally is that may not be happening or at least appears not to be the case.

The one thing l do know is we are all passionate about the industry and we are stronger together.

So, Should Turf Care Job Roles be Listed if Below Recommend Pay Rates based on the above considerations.


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