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by TurfCareBlog

The Greenkeeper Vlogger is a selection of vlogs direct from the working Greenkeeper. These series of Vlogs look at all the day to day subjects, hot on Greenkeepers minds.

These blogs are made for club members, but l feel there enough basic information on them to benefit anyone within the turf care industry.

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In this latest blog Jon talks about autumn maintenance of the rough areas and goes into some great details on his bore hole installation, with details of how they work and are part of a sustainable future for the club.

In this Vlog Head Greenkeeper Jonathan Budd,talks through data collection he carries out onsite and the role of the STRI visits.Jonathan also talks through each stage of testing.

These stages of testing include testing with the clegg hammer, soil moisture reading and measuring of the green speed.

In this Vlog Head Greenkeeper Jonathan Budd, talks through the three types of fairy rings and how to treat and manage them.

Johnathan also talks about his aeration programme.

In this vlog, John talks about how he manages his bunkers and he discusses wetting agents and soil penetrants and how these work.

John also talks about how thatch is contributing to turf stress that is brought on by drought.

John also gives us a practical demonstration of how wetting agents work on hydrophobic soils.

The Greenkeeper Vlogger is always looking for contents so please email me if you have any to submit turfcareblog@gmail.com

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