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TurfCare News – E10 Fuel Concerns for Mowers/Pests/Pitch Damage

by TurfCareBlog

In this first ever edition of TurfCare news we reflect on what our community are talking about across social media. TurfCare News look at – E10 Fuel concerns for mowers/Pests/Pitch Damage. We plan to do a edition monthly and as l said above, the aim is to reflect what our communities are talking about.

Links for the source of the discussion will appear under each section.

Birds Digging on Sports Pitches

crow damage

Graham is not alone l have also heard of cricket squares being attacked by crows searching for leatherjacket grubs, l believe they are now coming to the surface in readiness to lay more eggs and in doing so are easier to get at by crows/magpies/rooks.

With no chemical control this is a MAJOR growing concern for groundsmen and greenkeeper, nematodes applications may help control the population but as yet don’t look golden ticket to solving this worrying problem with many priced out of using on larger areas.

Source of post – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1768160540063850

also take a look at this blog for further reading- https://turfcareblog.com/how-to-control-crane-fly-daddy-long-legs-on-sports-turf/

Cricketers Marking Frustrations

cricket pitch markings

This is a bit of a hot topic, for some its not a issues for others in our community they take it very personally and the comments have been quite mixed. Is it necessary, maybe not if done occasionally its not the end of the world, but if its done habitually l can see why it upsets some groundsmen.

As a professional Groundsmen its sadly just something l tend to live with and its rarer to hear full time groundsmen moan about it, but for some who are voluntary who put the pitch and role at the expenses of his own home life l can see why they get annoyed.

These guys put there heart and sole into the job and take great pride in what they do, so in my book they can be excused for getting frustrated with excessive pitch scratching.

For the volunteer groundsman time and resources are limited so lets cut them some slack , with unnecessary scratching and marking of pitches.

Source of comments – https://www.facebook.com/groups/717957209036259

Event Worth Noting

Renovations for some


On the groups l ve seen a couple of clubs carrying out end of season renovation already, is it too early no certainly not for me the window starts from September and ends early.mid October at the latest. If it was done a month ago, l think you could struggle generally with things being too dry/hot and a risk of the new seed burning off in the heat.

September although a good weather month should be a touch cooler, tad damper and still warm enough for seed to germinate. Seed need two things temperature and moisture, so anytime in September is good.

I did hear someone say once the perfect soil conditions for new seed is around the second week of September.Not sure on the science of this if so after this period we are moving into the less perfect period as time goes on. Locations and weather patterns can play its role in these periods though.

Source of photo – https://www.facebook.com/groups/717957209036259

E10 Fuel Worries for Groundsmen/Greenkeepers

E10 fuel

The concerns with the change from E5 to E10 has been debated by some amongst the groups, some have recommended speaking to the manufacturer of your machine direct with many signposting you use additives and the use of super unleaded (which is E5) . Some others are going to try and stick to E5 which is going to be around for a while, also E5 is in super unleaded.

Like most groundsmen l also need to do do some research and here’s a couple of blogs to help you –https://www.mowers-online.co.uk/how-the-new-e10-petrol-will-affect-lawnmowers-and-garden-machinery also take a look at this from allett- https://allett.co.uk/blogs/blog/e10-fuel-what-to-be-aware-of

These are also helpful –

Honda Engines | Fuel Recommendations


https://engines.honda.com/support-and-service/fuel-recommendations#fuelissues ( Thanks to Dave Harrison for this link)

The another issue with E5/10 is for mowers sitting around and fuel going stale and E10 (10%) has double the ethanol than E5, (5%) so draining down of machines or the usage of a stabiliser is worth looking at. Stabilisers stops fuel going stale for up to 24 weeks.

I ve just asked a very experienced mechanic and he has said, just use super unleaded (E5) unless your manufactures says its ok to use E10 and always keep a small supply of petrol and drain down any machines not used over winter as usual.

Source of comments – https://www.facebook.com/groups/717957209036259

Mowing Patterns

Great work from Adam Bell here, with the start of the season groundsmen are trying out some new patterns.

Whats you favourite pattern, leave a comment below, in the comments box.

Hope you enjoy this first TurfCareBlog community news and any further details you have in re to E10 fuel for mowers , let us know in the comments box.

Source of post – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1768160540063850

Brian on behalf of the TurfCareBlog Community.

Event Worth Noting

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