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Two things you need to make grass seed flourish post renovation 

by TurfCareBlog

With post renovation work in mind this blog looks at the two things you need to make grass seed flourish, based on my own experience and also from the view of most if not all seed house distributors.

These two determine requirements to germination

Moisture – via hand irrigation or by rainfall.

Temperatures -should not be an issue in September and October especially in the south of England.


You have just done your renovations works the seed and the loam is on and often groundsmen ask do you water or leave it to mother nature?

Personally, I have always aimed to do a couple of things around renovation, get some moisture into the square pre renovation. For me this is key as one it helps the scarifier impact the hard soil and two it starts to build up a reserve of water in the soil profile for the seed to find post renovations.

I aim for a moist soil profile but not a wet and sticky top.

Seed germination- early stages
Seed germination- early stages

Water but avoiding washing off seed

Two once renovated l don’t like to water the renovated areas too heavily for the fear of washing off of the seed, my other concern in leaving unwatered is day by day the pigeons get fatter!

I am full time so easier for me but l hope it’s a good shout, where time and resources are available to reap the full benefits of your renovations spend.

In my experience if l can water it’s daily just keeping enough moisture in the soil, just enough to get the seed to root. Then it’s anchored in before any heavy October downpours which could end up washing off seed. It is not always possible as the weather does what it likes but it’s good to try and have a benchmark to work to.

Last year the rain beat my in-house watering and we suffered a lot of seed wash off and as a result poor grass covering occurred.


The grass growing season in my experience down south lasts well into December so plenty of time to get the seed up, established and strong come the slow growth months of Jan/Feb.

I hope your grass seed flourish post renovation, but if not don’t panic there’s a over seed window in October and again early spring next year.

Watering in or allowing mother nature to take care of it. What’s your opinion, please leave comments below!

Brian on behalf of the TurfCareBlog community

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Chris Johnson September 14, 2021 - 11:51 am

As well as moisture I look to protect from creatures such as rabbits etc with electric fencing and scaffold netting.

TurfCareBlog September 14, 2021 - 7:28 pm

Good shout chris


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