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TurfCareBlog Reflects on 2021

by TurfCareBlog

TurfCareBlog Reflects on 2021

Let me start this blog by thanking you, for me TurfCareBlog is a community and not a one man show. Everything l/we do is driven by you and this year’s success is down to your engagement, so a massive thanks to everyone for 2021.

As a community you directly and indirectly decide what l/we write, you also all have a platform here whatever your writings experience, you have the right to blog on TurfCareBlog no invites necessary.

This year has seen me experiment with podcasts and video interviews there maybe less of these next year, but l will never close a door to anything. I would rather try and go in the direction the community leads.

Year in Numbers

Blog traffic is up by 30% compared to 2020

Over half the blogs released were written by the community.

Social media groups totalling 11,000 members

TurfCareBlog YouTube channel has had over 250,000 views.

TurfCareBlog social media accounts are over 7000, we could double that but my desire is to engage with our community, so l try only to connect with those who are working in the industry and are UK based.

Groups Focus

Our main two facebook groups are The Cricket Groundsperson and Groundsperson UK, these both have grown vastly over 2021. These groups are a place for like minded turf types to connect, share and learn together. This is all done just by posting, asking questions and sharing of experiences, everyone has an equal standing from the recreational Groundsperson to the test match Groundsperson.

In 2022 these groups will continue to grow by the community’s engagement, but also do feel free to invite your mates.

Big Thanks to those who are on the admin teams, they know who they are.

TurfChat 2021 Summary

TurfChat takes place on a Wednesday evening at times this platform has struggled to maintain momentum, but looking into 2022 l believe l have found a new formula that will make it more consistent in content and interest. As a blog we are still young and evolving to the community’s needs, so l am looking forward to 2022 on TurfChat.

Big Thanks to our regular TurfChat attendees and guest hosts

facebook group banner
A Community grown and maintained by your engagement

Top five viewed Blogs of 2021

How to pre germinate grass seed by Stuart Lambert

How to Prepare a Cricket Pitch

Why l quit my career as in Groundsmanship, by Scott Bryan

How to Mark out a Cricket Pitch

Scarification vs Verticutting

Aims for 2022

Continue to listen and reflect the community’s needs, via surveys, polls and engagement

Continue to grow and enhance social media groups

Improve and maintain growth in TurfChat and TurfCareTopic weeks.

Blogs based on community needs.

Continue to offer an independent platform for turf types to connect, share and learn via groups and blogs.

I believe coming into 2022 we all need to continue to play are part in coming together, connecting, sharing and learning both individually and collectively. The future of our industry is ours to shape, our passion, our professionalism and our desire to learn can help shape those around us and also encourage the next generation.

Thanks again for your support this year, anyone who posts or even just likes a post on social media is part of our community, there’s no joining fee, no yearly subs all we ask as a community is keep engaging.

Brian on behalf of the TurfCareBlog Community.

I am sure by now you know what we are all about but if you want to find out a bit more about us, check out our about page here – https://turfcareblog.com/about/


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