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Why Are We Grassroots Groundsmen

by TurfCareBlog

Why are We Grassroots Groundsmen

So why do we do it. Why do we bust our B…, get P…… wet through?

Why do we bust our balls, get p.. wet through and cold, border line sun stroke, fall out with family and friends. All this just so the opening batsman and bowler can blame their bad run of form on your hard work! It’s always our fault, and we are always the first person to get the blame.

You need have broad shoulders with a little bit of a get f….. sort of attitude to do this. coaches, players, spectators, one man and his dog, committee members, parents of little Johnny that think he’s going to be the next flintoft all know better! But when the AGM comes around, no one will raise their hand when it comes to doing the ground.

It’s a thankless job, and all the little digs and slagging off is forgotten for that brief two minutes. Everyone thinks you’re a god and praises you on what a great job you’ve done all year while you get nominated to carry on.

Everyone’s an expert

We all must be mental but I guarantee every one of us doesn’t want the club we love to fail, and fold like so many are doing in this current climate. So, when the open bowler tells you to leave more grass on after he’s recorded figures of 0 for 20 off 10, and the keeper has been taking them 14yds back at head height, but it’s apparently your fault he’s come away without a victim.

Tell him to get f####d and chuck him the keys to the mower shed. He won’t be as judgemental and argumentative when he realises there’s work to be done, instead of going and having a pint with the lads.

Caribbean Pitch Doctor

I remember a few years ago we had an overseas from a little Caribbean island. I left him one day with instructions to just roll Saturdays pitch as it was a little behind where it should have been. On my return he’d flooded one end and rolled grass cuttings into it in numerous different directions.

Thought this was only rolled at the end, he was gonna bowl at!  What a mess it looked and impossible to rectify what he’d done before Saturday! Think he got 8 for and 50 odd that day and won us the game.

So, does it matter what it looks like if your team is winning? I’d be interested to know people’s thoughts on this? Also is it club first or does your pride take over?

I think grass roots means just that! The club that’s probably in your village, or as a junior you maybe scored your first run there, it’s in your blood and you know that without you it will struggle, maybe even fail and be gone forever.

Why are We Grassroots Groundsmen

I personally started doing the ground to try and make it into something special. My mentor was at Scarborough at the time and won many awards while taking me under his wing. He helped me try to improve our ground from a sheep field to something that will stand out from the rest. Hopefully creating something new and existing players can be proud of.

When I hung up the boots, we had two Saturday teams, one evening league team and one junior team. We currently have three Saturday teams and two evening league teams with 5 junior sections. Village knockout winners where we played the final at lords in 2018. Ok I’m not claiming all the credit, but l feel I’ve done more for the club l love in the last 12 years, than I ever would of been able to do as a player.

Why Do you do it

Do we do it because we want to see it improve? Do you want spectators and players to shake your hand after the game and tell you how good it looks and how well it played? We all want everyone to enjoy their experience on our beloved grass and I know that to get that you’ll have to put in a sh.. load of work, while sometimes not getting noticed.

So why do we do it? To improve the facilities? To p.. the Mrs off? beat the other local grounds with the end of season markings? To make it stand out from the rest? To attract players? For something to do? I could go on.

I do it because I want my club to flourish and achieve greatness, while I try and improve it every year. We all have our own reasons of why we will be the unsung heroes with very little praise all year round, but you know you’re doing it for all the right reasons.

Why are We Grassroots Groundsmen by James ( Folkton Fixton CC)

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