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Grassroots Groundsman-Keith Hudson Video Interview

by TurfCareBlog

Grassroots Groundsman-Keith Hudson Video Interview is a interview l did with Kieth on You Tube and packed with tip and advise for fellow groundsman.

Keith who is the Groundsman at Bridgeholme CC, tells us about how he has dealt with surface flooding and how despite being on a low budget managed to get the ground playable and the great support he received from the ECB.

Kieth also tells us his story , how he ended up being the groundsman, and how he deals with criticism, which to me is a real nugget of the video.

Keith offers some top tips. on a limited budget. Keith also talks through life as a groundsman and how he has sourced machinery and sponsors. The video starts with some information on Keith and goes into some real nuggets of advise for the grassroots cricket groundsman..

The thing that really impressed me watching this was Keith’s positive attitude and determination along with a great perspective.

Keith passion for the ground and his partners has seen them awarded a Yorkshire in bloom gold award, as the below images show this is a man who loves his ground and club.

I think if Keith did not live next door to his beloved ground and had not had fallen into life as a voluntary groundsman, he would have made a great career out of being full time groundsman at a professional level.

Maybe its a Yorkshire no nonsense, can do attitude but l personally found him a inspiring chap.

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