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How to Put in Fielding Discs and Wide Lines

by TurfCareBlog

In this NEW blog on How to Put in Fielding Discs and Wide Lines, which l hope is helpful.I think for a lot of us we shall be playing 45 over formats or less so thought this maybe a useful blog.

This is a simple guide of how l personally put in my discs and wide lines.

Wide Lines

wide line template
What we are trying to achieve (image courtesy ECB)

Measure 17 inches in 3 positions and then with bum facing the stumps(as in below image), join the marks with the use of a coloured painted line.

I ve seen these marked as white, yellow and blue l personally think blue works the best, but also understand this is also additional costs to some clubs.

Ensure you measure from in side of the return crease as in the diagram.

I often find if the wicket has been used the line to be marked can be dusty.

l recommended the use of a dustpan to collect up the dust, followed by the application of some water along the line (fairy liquid bottle with hole pierced in the top works well) prior to marking.

marking wide lines
Joining the 17 inch marks

If you repeat this four times, two at each end then your done.

Fielding Discs Marking

I have just though that maybe quite a few grassroots groundsman don’t feel need the need to pre mark disc spots and just use the tape measure and then drop the discs into position.

I do like to pre mark those fielding positions, as it save me having to re measure a week later and if any get moved by the colts l can also place back accurately.

disc system

Place the tape measure the centre of the pitch and run the tape measure 90 ft along the width of the square i.e the line of the stumps and made a mark cross/dash/spot.

image courtesy of northwest cricket league
image courtesy of northwest cricket league

You are looking to create a semi circle, that are connected along the length of the pitch.

disc system
90 ft running along the width of the square, meant my first mark was on one of my used pitch stump lines

Pulling against the string line walk seven paces moving to the next area to mark in a clockwise direction .

disc systems mark out
Marking dashes in blue

Once you have done this one end , now go down to the other end of the wicket and repeat, this will give you two semi circles.

Joining up the Length of the Square Discs

You infill along the side of missing disc roughly or measured, if your really keen string lined but personally l step out.

I hope you found How to Put in Fielding Discs and Wide Lines and like anyone else l have my own ways.

If you see anything l am doing wrong or not explaining well- Please shout.

If you wish to have a PDF version of where l got my measurements from, take a look at this document from the ECB, below.


For more how to guide check out, our YouTube page- https://turfcareblog.com/how-to-video-guides-turfcareblog/

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TurfCareBlog September 9, 2020 - 6:31 pm

I ve looked at the diagram above and can’t see l am doing it wrong , but will re look at this as l mark one for this weekend -thanks


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